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Is this suitable for someone who has never done any cleanses, detoxes or juice fasts?

Yes, absolutely! Most people say they are surprised how much food there is and how they don’t struggle but really feel the benefits. We have one liquid day in our plan, which is the Wednesday, this still contains lots though – 2x 500ml smoothies, 1x 250ml juice, shake and 2 16 oz soups.

Will there be any side effects?

Common side effects are headaches; this is different with each person and usually down to the withdrawal of caffeine. However after the third day it tends to drift away. Double strength peppermint tea can help with this. Please feel free to email us if you have any concerns.

Will I lose weight?

This isn’t designed for weightloss. However many of our clients feedback is that they have lost a couple of pounds.

How will I feel afterwards?

From our feedback everyone always says how energized they feel, no brain fog, no bloating, weight loss, reduced inflammation, skin looks clearer and enlightened to how they should eat.

How do I reintroduce everything back into my diet?

We always send our clients an aftercare package on day 5 to prepare them. We advise to take it easy and be kind to your body. Start by introducing one thing per day.

Do this have to be done on Mon – Fri?

Yes, we do not offer alternative days/dates. We find people are more focused during the week and avoid less temptation!

I am unsure if my postcode falls in your delivery catchment area. 

If you have a query about postcodes and delivery areas, please send us a message/email.